Constitutional Law-I

USA Constitution

  1. Describe the rigid procedure of amendment in USA constitution.
  2. Describe USA constitution and the fundamental rights of the USA constitution.
  3. Describe the powers of US president and how the president is elected?
  4. What do you know about the organization and functions of the senate of USA and compare powers of senate with house of representative?
  5. Explain the doctrine of judicial review under USA constitution.
  6. Describe in detail the role of separation of power in USA?
  7. What is Feudalism? And what are the explain its features.
  8. What is legislation? Describe the procedure of law making in Congress under USA constitution.
  9. Discuss the effect of case Marbury Vs Madison in American constitution.
  10. Discuss in detail the salient features Of American constitution?
  11. Explain the Doctrine Of Check & Balance under USA constitution?
  12. How the vice president of USA elected under USA constitution? And what are his functions and powers?

British Constitution.

  1. Describe the election, powers and functions of speaker in parliament?
  2. Describe the doctrine of Separation of power under the British constitution?
  3. Explain Rule of law under the British Constitution?
  4. Explain Magna Carta 1215? Also describe its creation and functions.
  5. Explain the procedure of legislation in British Parliament?
  6. Discuss the composition and power of House of lord under British Constitution?
  7. Describe the composition, powers and functions of the House of Common under the British Constitution?
  8. Describe in detail the administrative powers of Prime Minister of England.
  9. what is British Parliament and what is the procedure of making law in British Parliament?
  10. What is British Cabinet also describe its composition and its functions?
  11. Write a detail note on the Magna Carta 1215?
  12. Explain “Rule of law” in Britain. Are there any exceptions to it?
  13. Constitutional law with reference to British institution and the English constitution is one long system of check and balance
  14. What is Conventions of British and its sources?
  15. What part does the Queen/king play in the British Constitution?
  16. Obligation and responsibilities of modern state of today with reference to British Constitutional law
  17. What are the salient features of British Constitution?
  18. What is British Constitution, its nature, sources of British Constitution
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