Difference between prompt and deferred dower & regular and irregular marriage

(1) Differences Between Prompt & Deferred Dower

(2) Differences Between Irregular / regular & Void Marriage

(1) Differences Between Prompt & Deferred Dower

Followings are main differences between prompt and deferred dower:

(i) Difference between Shia & Sunni laws

(ii) Refusal to conjugal rights

(iii) Time for payment

(iv) Recovery of promot & deferred dower

(v) Time for becoming due

(vi) Conjugal rights


(i) Difference Between Shia & Sunni Laws

When it is not mentioned how much part of dower will be prompt and deferred, Shia school of thought considers that dower will be completely prompt dower while Sunni school of thought considers that some part will be prompt and other part will be deferred.

(ii) Refusal To Conjugal Rights

Wife has right to refuse to perform all conjugal rights to her husband till payment of prompt dower. Contrary to this, consummation does not affect right of wife about deferred dower.

(iii) Time For Payment

Prompt dower becomes payable on demand of wife where as deferred dower becomes payable on divorce or death of husband.

(iv) Recovery Of Promot & Deferred Dower

At any time before or after consummation, wife has right to recover prompt dower. On the other hand, consummation has no effect on payment of deferred dower.

(v) Time For Becoming Due.

Immediately after solemnization of marriage, prompt dower becomes due. Contrary to this, deferred dower becomes due on divorce or death of husband.

(vi) Conjugal rights

Conjugal rights arise after payment of prompt dower, but arising of conjugal rights does not depend

Payment of deferred dower.

 (2) Differences Between Irregular / regular & Void Marriage

Followings are main differences between irregular/regular and void marriage:

(i) Conversion

(ii) Rights & liabilities

(iii) Prohibition

(iv) Legal effects

(v) Status of children

(vi) Legal status


(i) Conversion

Irregular marriage can be converted into valid marriage while void marriage can not be converted into valid marriage.

(ii) Rights & Liabilities

In irregular / regular marriage, some rights and obligations appear after consummation where as no civil rights and obligations appear in void marriage.

(iii) Prohibition

There is temporary prohibition in irregular marriage, but there is absolute and perpetual prohibition in void marriage.

(iv) Legal Effects

After consummation, irregular / regular marriage has legal effects. Contrary to this, void marriage has no legal effect.

(v) Status Of Children

If children are born from irregular / regular marriage, such children are legitimate. On the other hand, children are not legitimate if they are born from void marriage.

(vi) Legal Status

Regular marriage is lawful while Irregular marriage is not in itself unlawful, but void marriage is in itself unlawful.


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