Law of equity

Q NO. 1: Delay defeats equity
Q NO. 2: Equality is equity, discuss
Q NO. 3: Discuss “Who comes to equity must come with clean hands.
Q NO. 4: Discuss the maxim “Equity Act in Personam”.
Q NO. 5: Equity will not suffer a wrong to be without remedy or explain the maxim of the equity Ubi Jus ibi rame dium?

Universal Maxim

Q NO. 6: Universal Maxim

Specific relief act

Q NO. 1: specific performance of contract? Discuss the contracts which may be enforced specifically?
Q NO. 2: principle and procedure of Rescission (Cancelation) of Contract.
Q NO. 3: declaration of rights & discuss the remedy as laid down by specific relief act
Q NO. 4: cases where court may refuse to grant of an Injunction.
Q NO. 5: procedure for the recovery of immovable property under the Specific Relief Act.
Q NO. 6: What is specific relief. Do you understand by equitable remedies and how they are granted?

Trust Act

Q NO. 1: Discuss the rights available to beneficiaries under trust act.
Q NO. 2: What is trust? different kinds trust and object & lawful trust?
Q NO. 3: When the office of a trustee may be vacated or what are the ways when a trustee may be discharged with or without the intervention of the court?

Waqf Act

Q NO. 1: Define and discuss waqf and mutawalli.
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