Write a detailed note on Establishment Of Rent Tribunal under Punjab Rented Premises Act, 2009.

(1) Introduction

In Punjab, relationship between landlord and tenant is regulated by Punjab Rented Premises Act. This Act is about both commercial and residential properties. This Act has not only granted both landlord and tenant some rights, but has also explained some obligations of both landlord and tenant. Even this Act has also established rent tribunal for settlement, of any any dispute or difference between landlord and tenant.

(2) Establishment Of Rent Tribunal

According to Punjab Rented Premises Act, following points are important for explanation of establishment of rent tribunal:

(i) Establishment of rent tribunal by government

(ii) District or area

(iii) Number of sepcial judges in rent tribunal

(iv) Appointment of special judges Civil judge or judicial magistrate as rent Tribunal

(vi) Exclusive jurisdiction of rent tribunal


(i) Establishment Of Rent Tribunal By Government

Government of Punjab establishes rent tribunal.

(ii) District Or Area

Government of Punjab establishes a rent tribunal in a district or an area, which it deems necessary.

(iii) Number Of Special Judges In Rent Tribunal

A Rent Tribunal consists of one or more special judges (rent).

(iv) Appointment Of Special Judges

Special judges (rent) are appointed by government of Punjab in consultation with Lahore High Court.

(v) Civil Judge Or Judicial Magistrate As Rent Tribunal

Lahore High Court can empower civil judge or judicial magistrate to act as rent tribunal for a district or an area.

(vi) Exclusive Jurisdiction Of Rent Tribunal

Rent tribunal exercises exclusive jurisdiction over a case under Punjab Rented Premises Act.

(3) Conclusion

To conclude, it can be stated that a special judge (rent), who is designated by Lahore High Court, acts as an administrative special judge (rent) in a district or an area if there are more than one special judges (rent) in that district or that area.

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