Islamic Jurisprudence

Q # 01: Quran is primary and fundamental source of Islamic law.
Q # 02: Discuss the theory of Abrogation in Quran in detail.
Q # 03: Discuss Sunnah as a source of Law.
Q # 04: Define Ijma. What are its kinds and how it is conducted?
Q # 05: What are the modes of acquiring ownership and loosing it in Islam?
Q # 06: Define contract? What are the ingredients of a valid contract in Islamic law?
Q # 07: what is concept of sovereignty in Islam? To what extent this concept is applied in the present system.
Q # 08: What are the qualifications prescribed in Islamic Law for competent witness? And define the woman as witness.
Q # 09: Define Hadd and Tazir. What is difference between these?
Q # 10: What are the sources of an Islamic State?
Q # 11: What is meant by Public and Private rights? Which one is more important and why.
Q # 12: Islam has categorized the penal system into Hadd and Tazir.Explain.
Q # 13: Discuss the characteristics of Islamic system of Shura.
Q # 14: Why jihaad is waged (Impose)? What acts are permissible and what not during jihaad?
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