Law of Contract

Q # 01: What are the essentials of a valid contract?
Q # 02: What is the difference between voidable and void agreement. Give your answer with example.
Q # 03: What is consideration? Explain its exceptions.
Q # 04: What is void contract? What contract are specifically
declared void contracts under the contract act 1872.
Q # 05: What do you understand by capacity of contract?
Q # 06: What is consent and free consent? When consent said to be free?
Q # 07: Explain the rules which govern the appropriation of payment made by the debtor to the creditor.
Q # 08: Describe the various modes in which a contract may be discharged.
Q # 09: What is contract of bailment? Explain fully the rights and duties of the bailee and revocation of contract of bailment.
Q # 10: Define Agency. Duties and rights of agent.
Sales of Goods
Q # 01: Define condition and warranty. What is the difference between two.
Q # 02: What is difference between agreement to sell and contract of sale? Discuss the essential features which govern the formation of two.
Q # 03: Explain the classifications of Civil Law.
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