Law of Torts and Easement

Q # 01: Define the word “Tort” what are its essentials or its ingredients?
Q # 02: How is a tort discharged? Discuss at least three incidents which led to extinction of liability in tort.
Q # 03: Make out a list of general defence’s in tort and discuss briefly.
Q # 04: What is trespass to person and what are its kinds. Discuss in detail false imprisonment as the one.
Q # 05: Write a comprehensive note on vicarious (Indirect) liability.
Q # 06: Explain the judicial remedies in tort.
Q # 07: Discuss different kinds of damages in tort.
Q # 08: Discuss in detail contributory negligence and negligence.
Q # 09: Discuss the following statement, every person can sue and be sued in tort.
Q # 10: What are the main ingredients of a tort of defamation? Give a detailed answer to this question
Q # 11: Discuss the law of nuisance in detail.
Q # 12: What is tort and crime and difference between tort, crime and contract.

Easement Law

Q # 01: Define easement. Briefly discuss different kinds of easement.
Q # 02: Define easement. Explain the modes of acquisition of easement and who can acquire easement.
Q # 03: What is meant by easement? How it can be extinguished?
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