Laws of Transfer of Property

Transfer of property Act

Q NO. 1: Doctrine of part performance & its essentials? Sec 53 TPA
Q NO. 2: What is mortgage . different kinds of mortgage?
Q NO. 3: Define lease and it’s essential. how it is made?
Q NO. 4: Define gift & Its Types
Q NO. 5: Principle of Subrogation
Q NO. 6: Doctrine “Lis Pendens” . reference to transfer of property act And explain its ingredients.

Land Accusation Act

Q NO. 1: Difference between sec. 18 and sec 30 of the Land Acquisition act.
Q NO. 2: Discuss the procedure of Land acquisition in urgency.
Q NO. 3: Procedure of acquisition of land by companies.

Registrar act

Q NO. 1: Remedies available against sub registrar in case of refusal to registrar of document.
Q NO. 2: Document in which registrar is optional?
Q NO. 3: Duties and powers of the registrar officer.

Succession act

Q NO. 1: Succession certificate and when it can be revoked? remedies against such revocation?
Q NO. 2: What is will, who can make it, and will can be effectively made.
Q NO. 3: What is domicile? Explain Its essential?
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