Explain Magna Carta 1215? Also describe its creation and functions.

(1) Introduction to Magna Carta:

Magna Carta is English Charter and it is a historical document. After its creation, it brought about great constitutional changes in not only in Great Britain, but also in other states. This document was originally presented in Latin in 1215. Later on, it was translated into French. It was also re-presented in 1279.

 (2) Creation of Magna Carta:

Barons Rebellion against King John was the cause of creation of Magna Cart. However, following circumstances jointly paved a way for creation of Magna Carta:

  • (i) Barons Rebellion
  • (ii) Unpopularity of King John
  • (ii) No alternate to replace King John
  • (iv) Support from Prince Louis and King Alexander.

 (i) Barons Rebellion:

Some barons began to conspire against Ki, John in 1209 and 1212 Although King John initially succeeded in putting an end to such rebellion, yet this rebellion succeeded in changing Tower of King John.

(ii) Unpopularity Of King John:

Imposition of taxes and some unsuccessful wars and conflicts made King John unpopular. Due to this unpopularity, some of the most important barons, re-started open rebellion against King John.

 (iii) No Alternate To Replace King John:

Most of British Monarchs had to face rebellions like that of barons. However, there was some difference between previous rebellions and barons rebellion. In every previous rebellion, the rebels had alternate Monarchs to replace unpopular Monarchs. But barons had no such alternate Monarch to replace King John.

(iv) Support From Prince Louis & King Alexander ll:

Prince Louis of France and King Alexander II of Scotland stepped forward to support the barons rebellion. However, this support was not welcomed to overthrow King John’s monarchy. The reason was that barons did not have any alternate Monarch to replace King John. Therefore, they did not want to overthrow King John’s monarchy. Due to these reasons, they used support of Prince Louis and King Alexander II only to enforce King John to sign a document. And this document as later on called Magna Carta.

 (3) Main Features Of Magna Carta:

Followings are main features of Magna Carta:

  • (i) Freedom of Church
  • (ii) Right to a fair trial
  • (iii) Imposition of taxes
  • (iv) Sovereignty of Parliament
  • (v) Weights & measures

(i) Freedom Of Church:

An important feature of Magna Carta was that Church got freedom from royal interference. Church was set free to make its own appointments and elections of bishops.

(ii) Right To A Fair Trial:

It was Magna Carta, which recognized individual rights. It declared that everyone had the right to a fair trial.

(iii) Imposition Of Taxes:

It was decided through Magna Carta that only feudal dues could be imposed by the King and other taxes could only be imposed by the consent of the Great Council or parliament.

(iv) Sovereignty of Parliament:

Imposition of taxes other than feudal dues through consent of Council or Parliament proved a step towards sovereignty of Parliament over Monarch.

(v) Weights & Measures:

Magna Carta also finalized that all weights and measures were to be kept same throughout the country.

(4) Conclusion:

To conclude, it can be stated that Magna Carta is of great importance. Its importance can be analyzed from this fact that it had been issued twice during 13th century and is still on the statute books of England and Wales.

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