Minor Acts

Minor Acts

Arbitration Act 1940

  1. On what grounds award can be set aside under Arbitration Act?
  2. Explain Section No. 34 of Arbitration Act.
  3. After passing the award what has to be done by the arbitrators or umpire under the relevant provisions of law?(Sec. 16)
  4. Whether the court is competent to convert the award into decree. Explain the prerequisite conditions?(Sec. 17)
  5. What is the prerequisite conditions for challenging the existence or validity of an award or for having its effects? (Sec. 33)
  6. Under what circumstances the court can revoke the authority of an arbitrator?
  7. What are the power of the civil court under Arbitration Act 1940 when arbitration is without intervention of the court? Please Explain
  8. Discuss the power of Arbitrator in Arbitration Act.
  9. Whether the death of any party will effect the arbitration agreement entered into by them?
  10. What are the power of court to appoint of Arbitrator, Umpire and Referee?

Punjab Rent Premises Act 2009

  1. What are the Rules Of Appeal In Rent Cases According to Punjab Rented Premises Act?
  2. Write the Rights Of Tenant In Case Of Landlord’s Failure With Regard To Necessary Repairs Of Rented Property?
  3. Define Landlord and tenant? What are the obligations of landlord and tenant under Punjab Rented Premises Act.
  4. Write a detailed note on Establishment Of Rent Tribunal under Punjab Rented Premises Act, 2009.

Court fee Act 1870

  1. Which documents are exempted from payment of Court Fee?
  2. Explain the valuation of suits according to the Court Fees Act 1870?
  3. Under what circumstances court fee can be refunded? Explain
  4. Discuss the Powers & Duties Of Judge under the Court Fees Act 1870.
  5. Court’s Power With Regard To Decision Of Question About Valuation? Discuss.

Suit Valuation Act

  1. Section No. 8 Of Suits Valuation Act 1887
  2. Section No. 11 Of Suits Valuation Act 1887
  3. Suit valuation for purpose of court fee & for purpose of jurisdiction of court
  4. Under what provision of law, valuation of relief in certain suits relating to land not to exceed the value of the land?
  5. Powers Of Provincial Government To Make Rules For Determination Of Value Of Land For Jurisdictional Purpose

The Stamp Act 1899

  1. State the concept of impounding of document as mentioned in the stamp Duty Act. Is impounding bar to the prosecution of the offender?
  2. What instruments are chargeable with duty? Please explain in detail.
  3. What is receipt? What is penalty for refusal to give receipt under the law?
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