Political Science-II

Constitution of China

  1. Features of constitution and major amendments of 1982 Constitution of China.
  2. Procedure Of Amendment in Constitution of China
  3. Describe the Basic Principles Of Constitution Of China.
  4. Composition and power of National People’s Congress of China
  5. National People Congress and Structure of Legislative Organs of China
  6. Role of president in decision making
  7. Power and functions of Central Executive of China

Constitution of Malaysia

  1. House of Representative
  2. Conference of Rulers (Majlis Raja Raja)
  3. judiciary System in Malaysia
  4. Procedure of amendments in Malaysian Constitution
  5. Temporary Provisions In Malaysian Constitution
  6. Citizenship in Constitution of Malaysia
  7. Powers and function of the Executive in Malaysian Constitution
  8. Public Service in Malaysian Constitution
  9. Process of Elections according to Malaysian Constitution

Constitution of Switzerland

  1. features of the Constitution of Switzerland
  2. development or historical development of Swiss Constitution
  3. rights and duties of citizens in the Swiss Constitution
  4. role of Cantons in the Swiss Political System
  5. Direct Democracy in Swiss Constitution
  6. Process of Legislation Under The Swiss Constitution

Constitution of Turkey

  1. Composition and powers of Grand National Assembly of Turkey
  2. general principles of the Republic of the Turkey
  3. National Security Council of the Constitution of Turkey
  4. Turkish ideology
  5. Features Of Turkish Constitution
  6. Historical Development Or Evolution Of Turkish Constitution
  7. Fundamental Rights under Turkish Constitution
  8. judicial-system-under-turkish-constitution
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