Procedure Of Amendment in Constitution of China

(1) Introduction

Constitution of China is a changing document. The current Constitution was adopted in 1982 and it has superseded the previous three constitutions of 1964, 1975 and 1978. It provides a specific and unique procedure for its amendment. As far as its amendment is concerned, there is a strong opinion in China that proposal to amend it should only include changes to part of it and should not include its revision on a large scale.

(2) Procedure Of Constitutional Amendments

Article 64 of Constitution of China describes a very short procedure to amend the constitution:

  • (i) Which organ is to propose amendments to Constitution?
  • (ii) How are amendments passed?

(i) Which Organ Is To Propose Amendments To Constitution?

Amendments to the Constitution must be proposed by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee or by one-fifth or more of National People’s Congress deputies.

(ii) How Are Amendments Passed?

The amendments must be adopted by a vote of at least two-thirds of National People’s Congress deputies.

(3) Conclusion

It can be finally stated that no constitution can be made for all time. A living constitution must be molded and shaped through a process of trial and errors and must be enriched by experiences and experiments to conform to the actual needs of the nation. For China has been amending its Constitution since its creation.

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