Public International Law

Q NO. 1: Discuss the privileges and immunities enjoyed by the diplomatic envoys and their duties.
Q NO. 2: Pirates are enemy of mankind. Discuss law for pirates in detail.
Q NO. 3: Explain the role of international court of justice in judicial settlement of international disputes.
Q NO. 4: Write a detailed note on the right of self- determination.
Q NO. 5: Discuss the development of the law of Human Rights after the formation of United Nations.
Q NO. 6: Sources of International Law. Article 38 of the statute of internal court of justice?
Q NO. 7: Municipal Law & International law with reference to different theories in municipal law?
Q NO. 8: Discuss in detail the theories of recognition of states such as De facto and De Jure and difference between them?
Q NO. 9: International law and subjects of international law?
Q NO. 10: Discuss the law of state responsibility?
Q NO. 11: State. What are elements of statehood? Also define the different kinds of states.
Q NO. 12: Nationality. How it is acquired and lost?
Q NO. 13: Different modes of acquisition and loss of territory?
Q NO. 14: What are different modes of settlement of international disputes?
Q NO. 15: Define extradition. common rules of international law which governs extradition in the absence of an extradition treaty.
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