Special and Local Laws

Q NO. 1: Title . What is question of title” of land revenue act 1967.
Q NO. 2: What is review? law relating to “Review” under the provisions of land revenue act 1967.
Q NO. 3: Partition of joint holding. procedure of partition & limitation on partition.
Q NO. 4: process of recovery of the arrears ofmthe land revenue?
Q NO. 5: Record of rights. What are documents included in it.
Q NO. 6: Procedure of Mutation of land.
Q NO. 7: What is summon? Describe forms of a valid summons and it’s process.
Q NO. 8: Procedure of appointment and dismissal of Lambardar.
Q NO. 9: Lambardar play important role in Revenue Administration. Discuss his position with reference to his duties.
Q NO. 10: Revenue officers, functions and duties under the Land Revenue Act.

Tenency Act

Q NO. 1: What are the limits of holding for personal cultivation under the Punjab Tenancy Act 1991?
Q NO. 2: grounds of ejectment of tenant?
Q NO. 3: Discuss the of right of occupancy under the Punjab Tenancy Act.

Pre emption act

Q NO. 1: What are the guidelines prescribed by the law for the determination of market value of the property?
Q NO. 2: What are the essentials requirements to demand a right of pre-emption?
Q NO. 3: Define Pre-Emption. What are the qualification for acquisition of pre-emption and discuss the persons who are entitled to claim this right?
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