What is Law and definitions according to different jurists?

(1) Introduction:

The concept of law is present at the heart of the legal system. With a deep understanding of this concept, legal education and legal practice can be a purposive activity and justice can be attained in society. It has not only remained difficult task for jurists to give some satisfactory definition of law, but it has also remained difficult task for them to give exact explanation of nature of law.

(2) Meaning of Law:

Law is actually a system of rules and regulations, which a country, or society recognizes as binding on its citizens which is enforced by the authorities and violations of which attracts punitive actions according to the Oxford Dictionary of law, law means, “the enforceable body of rules that governs any society.” 2.

(3) Definition of law:

Philosophers or jurists have not arrived at a unanimous definition of law but some important definitions are gives below to highlight the terms “Law”.

According to Austin:

Law means a body of rules, which are determined and enforced by a sovereign political authority.

According to Black stone:

Law is the name of those codes and rules which are applied indiscriminately to every person.

According to Savigny:

Law is product of the general consciousness of the people.

According to Salmond:

Law is the name of those codes which lead human attitude.

According to Lord Moulton:

Law is the crystallized common sense of the community.

According to Hooker Says:

Hooker says that “law as any kind of rule or canon whereby actions are framed.”

According to Cicero Says:

Law is the highest reason implanted in nature.

According to Kelsen Says:

“Law is the depsychologised command.”

According to Roscuepound:

“Law is an instrument for balancing conflict or completing interest of people in society.”


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