Write the Differences Between Probation & Parole ?

(1) What is Probation?

Probation is a period of time during which an offender, who is not sent to prison, is to obey law and is to be supervised by probation officer.

(2) What is Parole?

Parole can be defined as release of an offender from a penal or reformative institution by keeping the offender under the control of the correctional authorities to find out whether he is tit to live in the free society without supervision.

(3) Differences Between Probation & Parole

Followings are differences between probation and parole:

  • (i) Judiciary & Executive
  • (ii) Time to grant
  • (iii) First-time offender & convicted.
  • (iv) Probation officer & parole officer
  • (v) Consequence of failure to report
  • (vi) Imprisonment & conditional release
  • (vii) Alternative to jail & conditional release
  • (viii) Revocation

(i) Judiciary & Executive

Court grants probation while executive grants parole.

(ii) Time To Grant

Probation is granted to the offender before imprisonment whereas parole is granted to the prisoner after he has completed a specific portion of his sentence.

(iii) First-Time Offender & Convicted

Probation is awarded to a first-time offender, who has no previous criminal record. Contrary to this, parole is awarded to a convicted, who is already in jail.

(iv) Probation Officer & Parole Officer

The offender, who is granted probation, is to report probation officer during the probation. On the other hand, the prisoner, who is granted parole, is to report parole officer during the parole.

(v) Consequence Of Failure To Report

If the offender, who is granted probation, fails to report probation officer, he is sent to jail for a particular period. Contrary to this, if the prisoner, who is granted parole, fails to report parule officer, he is sent back to the jail on the grounds of original sentence.

 (vi) Imprisonment & Conditional Release

The court grants probation instead of the imprisonment while parole is a form of conditional release from the prison.

(vii) Alternative To Jail & Conditional Release

Probation is alternative to jail whereas parole is conditional release from the jail.

(viii) Revocation

Judiciary is empowered to revoke probation while executive is empowered to revoke parole.

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